About GLC Wealth & services

GLC Wealth Advisor LLP is an incorporated Limited Liability Partnership registered with the Registrar of Companies, Delhi. You may verify our details by going on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, website http://www.mca.gov.in/mcafoportal/viewCompanyMasterData.do

Our Head Office is based out of New Delhi, the capital of India which gives us strategic advantage being in close proximity to the IEPF Authority/Registrars/Courts

GLC Wealth is being run by a reputed team of lawyers/chartered accountants/company secretaries/investment bankers qualified from the top Universities of the World. We are a leading professional wealth recovery firm who’s group patron has helped plethora of investors across the globe by providing sound legal advice and recovering hundreds of crores of unclaimed investments. Our esteemed clients will be happy to share their reviews. You may also drop down to our offices or fix a meeting at our costs to understand our background and intellectual strength.

GLC Wealth through its platform www.iepfclaim.in is the oldest and the most successful firm in reclaiming multiple crores of unclaimed shares/dividends from the IEPF Authority. We have a strong working relationship with the Authority and make personal representation of our client’s cases before the Authority to enable faster resolution of the claims. You don’t have to ever worry about running around in government offices to recover your own money.

GLC Wealth can definitely help you in finding out the shares in your father/mother’s name for which we will need basic details like your father/mother’s full name and the address at which the shares were bought. We are confident to find out most if not all the unclaimed shares in their names.

The Recovery agreement/LIMITED POWER OF ATTORNEY is a necessary part of the recovery process. It is a standardized form that we are required by law to provide to the respective companies/RTAs/government authority. It protects you (the claimant) and us (the claimant’s representative). It is “LIMITED” in scope, in that it applies to this “ONE TRANSACTION ONLY”. By signing it, you DO NOT confer or imply any other legal rights to us, other than giving us the right to assist you with the filing of your claims for the specific unclaimed investments listed in the agreement.

There is absolutely NO RISK involved. WE ONLY GET PAID WHEN YOU GET PAID for the investments in your name. However, if you are a legal heir, the process might require obtaining a Succession Certificate/Probate/LOA from the Court. This entails hiring of a lawyer/attorney which can be done by you or we can assist you with the same. Also, COURT FEES depending on the jurisdiction of the State in which the case has to be filed will be borne by you, the legal heir. No other expenses will ever be charged from you up-front. If for some reason we are unable to recover your investments, YOU OWE US NOTHING. We only earn and collect our fee when we are successful on behalf of our clients. There are never any out-of-pocket expenses on your part and all such expenses are borne by us. Our fee is based solely upon a percentage of the recovered investments. The percentage we receive will be clearly stated in the Recovery agreement.

There are many things in life that we can do ourselves for free. For example, we can file our own income tax returns, change the oil in our own car, or even defend ourselves in court if we really want to. Sometimes however, we pay others to perform a service for us. Reasons for this are; they possess knowledge that we do not have; they have more experience than we do; or it is simply more convenient (they save us time and effort). In this instance, just because you can file a claim on your own behalf does not mean you should. While you have many concerns and obligations in your daily life, OUR BUSINESS is to recover unclaimed investments. Instead of spending your valuable time and money on calls and letter writing in an effort to track down your investments, instead of trying to find the correct contact people, instead of trying to become familiar with the filing requirements and instead of learning how to prepare and submit the proper documents, GLC Wealth, offers a simpler more efficient solution. Our professional experts with vast knowledge and experience will help you to recover your funds at the earliest. Finally yet importantly, would you have even known you were entitled to such investments unless we reached out to you? It took time, effort, and money for us to locate you and inform you about your unclaimed investments. We would genuinely appreciate your business for our efforts.

Some additional reasons that we feel you should utilize our services are as follows:

  • We have personal contacts within many of the company’s/RTAs/Government authority that will be processing your claim
  • We are experts at knowing what documents need to be submitted in order to file a successful claim
  • We can advise you on how and where to obtain various types of documents that might be required to “prove entitlement”.
  • We can advise you and assist you in completing various forms/documents, so that they will be completed accurately, and your claim will be processed as expeditiously as possible.
  • We have the capability to check on the progress of your claim once it has been filed.
  • We will help you file your claim SAFELY and SECURELY. We are comprised of leading Lawyers/Chartered Accountants/Company Secretaries/Investment Bankers and as such we understand the sensitivity of the personal information and the legalities of the whole process in order to successfully claim your investments.
  • There is absolutely NO RISK involved. WE ONLY GET PAID WHEN YOU GET PAID.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are NO UP FRONT COSTS OR FEES and NO RETAINER is required as with other investigative services. We receive a percentage of the property that we help you recover. We only get paid when you are paid, and there are no additional costs

Why have we contacted you?

GLC Wealth identifies investments which might have been lost, forgotten or unclaimed for several years and traces the rightful owner, legal heirs or next-of-kins who may be residing across the globe.
If we have contacted you, this is because either we believe you may be the rightful owner / legal heir of these investments or because you may know the person or family we are seeking to locate.

GLC WEALTH collates vast amounts of data available in the public domain, social media websites etc. and through its analytics team filters out the information of relevant investors or their legal heirs entitled to claim the unclaimed investments.

All your information is procured through public databases with no access to any private information/report pertaining to you or your family. Be rest assured that whatever information we have is secure with us.

Wealth Recovery Process

People who had invested in the 80s, 90s or early 2000s used to have physical documents for all their investments. These would be in the form of share certificates, debenture certificates, FDs, National Savings Certificates, Kisan Vikas Patras etc. Due to long passage of time, people have lost/misplaced such physical records. Regular payments of redemption cheques, dividend warrants etc. are often “lost” due to old, outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete addresses. There are instances of name changes due to marriage, remarriage, or divorce etc. All these and many more circumstances lead to investments becoming unclaimed and moving to the Government due to certain laws and regulations.

To begin the recovery process, you must sign a Recovery agreement and a special and limited power of attorney that GLC Wealth will be sharing with you. This provides us with the permission and authority to assist you in the recovery of your investments.

The government authority/companies/registrars that are holding your investments require that you submit various forms of documentation to comply with your KYC containing personal information. This is STANDARD PRACTICE and the documentation is necessary. It ensures that you are in fact the true owner or heir and that you are entitled to recover the said investments. Types of identification and documentation commonly requested to verify ownership (“prove entitlement”) often include
Copies of:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Drivers’ licenses
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Passports/OCI/PIO cards
  • Legal Heir Certificate/Surviving Member Certificate
  • Succession Certificate/Probate/Letter of Administration
  • Utility bills
  • Banker’s attestation of Signature.
  • Cancelled cheques
  • Client Master List of Demat Account

Although at first glance, you might get intrigued to provide such personal information, however, it is for your verification and own protection so that no untoward or mischievous person claims your investments. Requiring proper documentation, that contains personally identifiable information, is necessary to prevent mistakes (releasing of investments to the wrong person) as well as fraud.

  • Equity shares
  • Savings accounts
  • Insurance benefits/policies
  • Debentures
  • UTI bonds
  • Dividends
  • NSCs/PPF
  • Safety deposit box contents
  • Mutual funds
  • Bonds

Whether or not there is a time limit depends upon the type of your investments. Even if there is no time limit it is better to act promptly because you are losing interest when you are not in control of your money. Why let the government agency/company that is holding it derive the benefit from it? The sooner you reclaim what is rightfully yours, the better.

It generally takes between 2-4 months to release the shares once a completed claim has been received by the IEPF Authority. It can take longer depending upon the complexity of the claim and the time taken to undertake updation of KYC, issue of duplicate certificates, obtaining Succession Certificate/Probate and undertaking transmission etc.

If you are the legal heir of the unclaimed investments according to the laws governing in India then you are entitled to recover it. In case if your parent passed away outside India and was a foreign national, you’ll be governed by the inheritance laws of that specific country.

It is indeed possible to get your investments back if you are still the owner. Procedure for issue of duplicate certificates will have to be complied with that entails filing of FIR, newspaper advertisements, indemnity cum surety bonds etc.