Common Mistakes in IEPF Form 5 and Documents Required for IEPF Claim.

Common mistakes done while filing IEPF Form-5:

  • Name of the applicant not matching with the PAN database.
  • Date of birth of the applicant not matching with the PAN database.
  • PAN No. not verified.
  • Wrong Aadhar Card No. filled in the form.
  • Wrong passport and OCI /PIO card details in case of foreig citizens.
  • Whether Rule 7 of IEPF Rules is applicable or not is wrongly selected. It is to be selected as “Yes” in case the original shareholder is deceased
  • Rule 7 is wrongly selected as “Yes” in case of deletion of name cases. In case of a joint holding if one of the joint holder has passed away it is only a case of “Name deletion” and does not get covered under IEPF (7)
  • Details of name of the original security holder (deceased shareholder) and their beneficiary wrongly mentioned.
  • Wrong folio number or numbers of folios filled in the form.
  • No. of shares wrongly filled in the form.
  • Wrong dividends details filled in the form which have been transferred to IEPF.
  • Wrong financial year filled in the form.
  • Wrong bank account or demat account details filled in the form. Bank account should be the one which is linked to the demat account.
  • Wrong attachments or absence of compulsory attachments.


Documents required while filing IEPF Form 5: 

  • Self-attested copy of Aadhar card & PAN Card.
  • Cancelled cheque leaf.
  • Client master list of the demat account self attested by the claimant and attested by the DP.
  • Entitlement Letter from the Company / Original Share Certificates.
  • Transmission documents like succession certificate or probate of will, death certificates of the shareholders, surety documents etc., if applicable.
  • Documents related to issue of duplicate shares, if applicable.
  • Affidavit for name mismatch /address mismatch, if applicable.


Documents to be Submitted to Nodal Officer of the Company after filing IEPF Form 5 

  • Printout of duly filled IEPF form 5 along with signatures of the applicant and joint holders, if applicable, on all the pages.
  • Self attested SRN acknowledgment.
  • Indemnity bond with applicable stamp paper, self-attested by the claimant and duly witnessed and dated.
  • Advance stamped receipt bearing the revenue stamp (cross-signed), self-attested by the claimant along with signatures of the witnesses and dated.
  • Letter from Registrar and Share Transfer Agent which has been verified by the Nodal officer to be used as a Proof of Entitlement.
  • Original certificates of the shares and investments, if held in the physical form or a copy of a transaction statement if held in the demat form as a proof of ownership of investments. In case original share certificates are lost, documents submitted to RTA for issue of duplicate shares need to be attached.
  • Copy of passport and OCI / PIO card in case of foreign citizens.
  • All the documents attached with the IEPF Form.
  • All other supporting documents submitted to the company for name change, address change, signature change, issue of duplicate shares etc.